Leadership Skills Inventory



The Leadership Skills Inventory–Self is a powerful 20-page self-administered and self-scored leadership evaluation, coaching, learning, and development tool—based on the research and work in our Transforming Leadership™ book. First, you rate your agreement to 12 critical Transforming Leadership principles. Unless your participants agree with these leadership principles, don’t invest time and money on their leadership development—their attitude doesn’t support the implementation of the Transforming Leadership model.

Proceed to the skills assessment area where you rank yourself on 60 specific leadership competencies, segmented into 5 sections each containing 12 skills. Each section builds on the previous section—so you must be competent in section 1 skills before you can be proficient in section 2 skills.

The 5 sections

  • Self-Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Coaching, Counseling, and Problem-Management Skills
  • Consulting Skills for Developing Teams and Organizations
  • Organizational Development and Versatility Skills

The Leadership Skills Inventory–Self supports anyone in a leadership or supervisory role to first benchmark, then outline, specific steps to increase and improve his or her leadership effectiveness.

Use LSI-S to:

  • Establish agreement to the 12 Leadership Principles.
  • Assess competency in each of the 5 leadership sections.
  • Evaluate proficiency in any of the 60 Transforming Leadership Skills.
  • Confirm perceptions of your leadership skills as others see you, using the LSI–Others 360°feedback tool.
  • Determine the required professional development.
  • Identify required skills for success in any leadership role.


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