In-Depth Personal Style Indicator



The PSI In-Depth Interpretations (PSI–ID) is the essential companion to the Personal Style Indicator. With 48 pages, the PSI In-Depth Interpretations offers an expanded 2-page description of each of the PSI proprietary 21 style patterns, with focus on the following.

  • Strengths
  • Common Areas of Difficulty
  • Reactions to Stress
  • Team Functioning and Compatibility with Other Styles
  • Leadership Implications
  • Increased Effectiveness

It also includes a section on “Developing Your Plan to Increase Effectiveness.”

Unlike other personality assessments, the PSI directs you to the style pattern(s) that specifically apply to you. The added benefit of the PSI In-Depth Interpretations is you have all 21 style patterns in one booklet, providing instant access in a seminar or workshop format. Many clients use the PSI–ID as part of a team-building or relationship-development process where you read the style patterns of others—instantly increasing your understanding of their style.


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