Healthy Leaders

Many leaders start the race but few finish well. We are here to help leaders start well and finish well!

Leadership Training & Development

We use a proven three phase process in our leadership and development training process. Each phase comes with a unique objective and a set of tools and resources for your leaders to use.

Healthy People

“Healthy leadership starts with a healthy inner life. By focusing first on inner health and spiritual formation we can develop a solid foundation for healthy leadership.”


  • Developing a Personal Strategy
  • Foundations of Freedom

Tools & Resources

  • Silver & Gold Devotional
  • Discover your God given S.H.A.P.E

Healthy Leaders

“Great leaders not only have charismatic personalities, but the skills and expertise to effectively lead others.”



  • Internal & External Leadership Developement
  • Paradigms & Processes

Tools & Resources

  • Becoming a Pillar of Hope Devotional
  • Developing Internal Leadership Discipleship book

Healthy Teams

“The sum of the whole is greater than the parts.”


  • 7 Attributes of Healthy Teams
  • Patterns & Principles

Tools & Resources

  • Becoming a Healthy Team
  • Learning to Build Trust

We have the tools and the expertise to help you

stop guessing and start assessing.