We’ve supported, encouraged, and trained leaders in 19 nations.

Working with leaders and churches in Peru, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Australia, Moldova, El Salvador, Uganda, Congo Republic, Jamaica and of course Canada and United States.

Growth Force #2 – Multiplication

When we look into God's creation we see this amazing principle, hidden within nature, that reveals to us a powerful force for our churches. It is the power of multiplication. You may be thinking, " is multiplication even in the Bible". The answer is a resounding...

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The Power of Vision

Without vision, the Bible says, people will cast of restraint. In other words if you don't know the direction you should be going, you will need up following just about anything. In this message Pastor Justin Many shares on how you can discover the vision God has for...

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Today, it seems that being independent is the highest of human virtues. We don't want to have to depend on others and we don't want others to depend on us. Life, however, is not designed like that. We see all throughout creation that God has a design for life to work...

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Are you color blind?

Could you imagine what it would be like to be color blind to the color of the lights at an intersection? It would be disastrous! Not only would your life be in danger but others as well. I wonder if in the church today, we are dealing with a sense of color blindness....

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Gift-based Ministry

Over the last several months, we have been looking into the 8 Quality Characteristics of a healthy church. It very interesting to see the reality that all of these 8 characteristics are actually inter-dependent on, and affect one another. For example, the level of...

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Passionate Spirituality

Have you ever been around someone with passion? It's infectious, isn't it? There is something about having a passion that has the ability to motivate and stir those around us. When it comes to the level of spirituality in our lives, and in our churches, there is only...

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Inspiring Worship Service

  As a church leader, there can be, at times, an overwhelming sense of pressure for your worship service to be awesome and really, they should be. But what makes it awesome? For many church leaders, they feel that the service would be absolutely amazing if they...

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Building Effective Structures

As a leader in the church, there is nothing more vital than to take responsibility for the structures within your church. This, however, takes great courage. I think all of us have had those moments when we say, "Somebody should really do something about that!", only...

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Nothing small about small groups

There has been this stigma, within Christian culture, around the idea of "big" or "mega" churches. Most people assume that these churches are shallow spiritually and not a healthy place to build relationships. This may be the case with some, however, studies have...

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